Monday, 30 April 2012

spring frocks

football widow I thought Id share this picture but yet again forgot where I found it, (so apologies and promise I will get better at that !) love the colours of these... i fancy the pink one in the middle for the school run..

like to hear from you ..

.. it has been pointed out that I am supposed to leave a comments bit... had to admit I didn't know how to do it.. but look I've learnt.. so please do leave comments !!!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Picture for Robyn

My friend has recently had a baby.. and in a moment of I can only think alcohol affected decision making... asked me to be godparent... Im very chuffed... Im pretty unsure what kind of spiritual guidance I can offer... but if that girl needs help with a sticking or sewing there for her !!!
Heres a picture Ive made for her christening... surely better than a silver rattle..... ?

Friday, 27 April 2012

To my very first followers

as Ive said ..I am very new and green to this blog thing ...BUT... was very chuffed to see a follower and not just any one but the very fantastical pop-i-cok lady...(who's blog actually got me hooked into blog world )  if you haven't yet discovered her blog must head straight over to

Friday, 20 April 2012

The most stylish loo

I totally love this flooring..its vinyl !!... but as our refurb is nearly finished, I have nowhere to put it... apart from the downstairs loo !!!  how nice will that be..    its from

Ditto with this lampshade project... theres no where left except the loo...  Ive a feeling the toilet may be a mixture of all left over ideas... it could work though.... ?!
( Im afraid I can't credit this as I can't remember where I saved it from... but theres tutorials all over the web... )
now Ive just got to work out how to get this pink velvet ottoman in there..

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Latest addition to the family ...two fish for Rubys birthday... I thought the spongebob house (the preferred accommodation for goldfish in 2012) would just be for decoration .. but the little fish, actually spends time in there !

Downstairs in the Manchester Museum, there was this rather brilliant display of origami birds.. simple but stunning, anyway if you fancy a go, Ive found a really good clear guide on
two pairs of shoes I would LOVE to own...