Wednesday, 30 May 2012

recycled spots and stripes

a little lady I made...
my friend loved her daughter wearing this little leggings outfit when she was little but realised it was a bit sentimental just keeping it in a drawer so she asked me to create the material into something...

Ive been meaning to 'set up shop' doing this as Ive been asked to do this a few times now.. what do you think, feedback or ideas gratefully received !


  1. Thats a great idea to make a keep sake out of childrens clothes ....go for it!

  2. yes yes yes! defo! everyone loves my fairy, this is a fab idea!

  3. Thank you lovely ladies... Ive had the etsy shop named and ready of over a year !... but now Ive put it 'out there' so to speak I will try and commit myself.
    Thanks again x