Thursday, 31 May 2012

Umbrella print girl

In keeping with my last stitches post, here is my entry for the annual umbrella prints competition...
A little parcel of fabric scraps arrives and you create something.. anything !...   she was supposed to have a handsome partner to act coy with.. but time as usual..
Anyhows in true blogger spirit, I am doing a giveaway, so please leave a comment and she can be yours !
I'll select winner after the jubilee : )
Oh also !  if you repin from the umbrella pinterest board and my lady wins, I get prizes... so you know you scratch my back etc etc... ; )


  1. oh she is FABULOUS!!!!! and so different from all the other pin cushions and purses that are gonna be are a winner I think :-)

  2. Ahh...she's beautiful! She wasn't sewn though... Those pieces danced together and she appeared on their last flourish!