Monday, 7 May 2012

london, lego and boogie eye glasses

Visited the wonderful London town this weekend... always enjoy it...always have the same conversations about what property you could buy at home for the same price, how many people can live and travel in one place etc. etc.  ; )       (more of these city prints from )

 Legoland... a day of two halves... started by paying a ruddy fortune to get in, we were cold, it was wouldn't go on any of the rides... it was grim.. Then the pirate show seemed to book us up and after an all you can eat pizza buffet the day slowly improved...

Also got to the V & A where the best bit for Ruby was the 'magic' glasses she had in her kids backpack thing...see below... (she's really quite beautiful... )  lunch in the rather nice cafe where the lights and ceiling impressed me at least.  Then the Science museum where there was a fab thing which was like putting your hands in water and fish swam over.. only it was just a mat... wanted one.. you know for the downstairs loo extravaganza...


  1. I love the lights in the V&A... one of the must see things to see there! Helen x

  2. Thankyou Helen.. and the cafe is pretty scrum my too ! : )